A stunning Japanese Inspired quilt.
This quilt is full of different techniques in both patchwork & quilting and is made from beautiful quality cottons. This quilt was designed here at Totally Patched.

What the cost includes:

1. All fabric for the quilt top PRE-CUT 
2. Full, clear, easy to follow instructions.
3. Postage is included within the UK.
2 charge for outside the UK.
4. Back up help if you are close enough to come to the shop or via phone/email if not.

Completed Size:

70" x 80"

Starts: March 2015 Onwards

Cost: 12 monthly payments of 17.50


All Parcels will be posted the 2nd week of the month
We suggest that all customers read our delivery and payment page to ensure you understand the process.
If you would prefer to contact us directly to purchase any of these items then please feel free.


What is Block of the Month?
Block of the month is a subscription to a quilt. You pay a certain amount for a certain number of months (this varies for each quilt). For each payment you will receive through the post, a parcel containing fabric and full instructions to complete a section of the quilt. It is a great way of spreading the cost and sewing time too. By the end of the subscription you will have all the fabric and instructions you need to complete the quilt top.

Your pieces for this quilt all come pre-cut!
Saving you a considerable amount of time
The Blues Block of the Month
Exclusive Offer

In addition to the fabrics and quilting templates supplied with your block of the month subscription you will need the
following to complete your quilt. Some of which you may have in your patchwork kit already, but if not take advantage
of the great price we are offering to our block of the month customers.

Twin needle (needed for first month) size 80 x 2mm cost 4.20
Thread for piecing - I use Gutterman cotton thread and for this quilt I used 400m reel of shade 828 and 5826 - cost 5.05
Thread for quilting I used YLI  quilting thread 001 natural and 013 blue 400yds reels - cost 5.80 each plus
DMC cotton a broder no.16 (this is a single strand thread and is great for quilting as it slides through the work) for when
you want the design to stand out more. I used shades 336 & 793 x 3 hanks of each at 1.20 each.
Needles: excellent for stitching your coton a broder John James number 7 sharp or John James Chenille number 24, the
chenille has a larger eye and is slightly thicker. I like and use both. @ 1.25
For marking I used my iron off marker priced 2.99

Total value of the thread kit in the handy project box is 41.44. If you would like to take the whole thread & needle kit
along with your block of the month.  SPECIAL PRICE OF 31.50
Order on line

or by telephone: 01299 409390 or e mail: contact@totallypatched.com

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